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We believe in making our customer’s life easier, solving their problems, being their painkiller, because one less worry, one less headache, goes a long way to making the day more pleasant. Creating the Clear Advantage is more than just a catchy slogan, it is fundamental to our business culture and values. We welcome the opportunity to work with you and demonstrate firsthand how a relationship with Copol will provide you a clear competitive advantage. 

We do this by providing exceptional service, unbelievable turn-around and working with you as part of your team. We offer solutions to your issues and work with you to resolve them. Our dedicated team of skilled and experienced employees are committed to exceeding your expectations. For over 20 Years our focus has been on Cast Polypropylene film. We pride ourselves on being a North American producer able to supply any size order, big and small, directly to your door. 

We provide the best quality Unoriented Cast Polypropylene film (CPP) from monolayer to five layer structures, standard and custom designs for all applications. We are a leading North American manufacturer of Cast Polypropylene film for all applications, from food and produce packaging, medical applications, industrial products and many more. Contact us today!

Denis Lanoë, P. Eng.
VP Operations and General Manager
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Creating the Clear Advantage

  • Differentiating your product line
  • Strengthening your supply chain
  • Enhancing your marketing strategies
  • Providing "Worry Free" support

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Our commitment to quality and the Environment

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All our films are recyclable in the PP recycle streams