The Clear Advantage

Copol International Ltd. believes in the mutual benefits derived from establishing a business relationship with our clients. It is our view that there is a Clear Advantage to partnering with Copol International Ltd. for all of your CPP film requirements. The Clear Advantage is built around four cornerstone principles that guide our every action and decision.

Differentiating Your Product Line

Copol's diverse portfolio of standard CPP film materials combined with the knowledge, technology and analytical capabilities to develop new materials targeting highly customized applications will enhance efforts to differentiate you from your competition. Flexibility in being able to offer alternate solutions to meet your customer's needs will enhance the potential for success.

Strengthening Your Supply Chain

Supply chain management is a critical factor in meeting challenges posed by an ever more demanding global marketplace. Copol's industry leading order fulfillment even for highly customized film materials will strengthen your supply chain management process. Our commitment to "guarantee" delivery dates and our ability to track orders directly to your loading bay door creates an unbreakable Link in your Supply Chain. Copol is CTPAT approved, which expedites border crossing to ensure our customer's orders arrive on time.

Enhancing Your Marketing Initiatives

With the confidence of having a CPP film partner that shares your creative vision and commitment to innovation and quality, your initiatives can expand and target markets and applications that were perhaps previously not considered. Copol believes that our established brand recognition will integrate well with your own established position in the marketplace and the combined strengths will make a powerful statement.

Managing Your Business Relationship

It is far too easy for a business to simply state that it provides excellent customer service. Copol International Ltd. believes in managing all aspects of a business relationship so that every interaction between Copol and the client is a creative, helpful and supportive experience. Fulfilling a client's order does not start and stop with shipping the finished product. Our focus covers the full period starting from before the order is even placed to a post order assessment to determine that all client expectations have been met or exceeded.