General Converting

If your drive is to design superior packaging that will grab the consumer’s attention while at the same time provide product safety and security, then cast polypropylene film materials deliver. CPP in both monolayer and multi-layer coextruded structures offer exceptional optical, mechanical and processing properties for a broad range of flexible packaging converting applications. Whether you are making printed, side-weld seal bags or printed roll stock to run on pouch machines and both vertical and horizontal F/F/S packaging machines, CPP film materials can help differentiate your product from the competition.

Copol International Ltd. offers an extensive range of cast polypropylene film products that will meet your every requirement for general flexible packaging converting applications. Some conditions may apply so be sure to contact a COPOL representative for further information.

Recommended Films for General Conversion Applications are all high slip modified products:

CP301   General purpose, two side sealable, slip and anti-block modified CPP.
CP310R CPP film designed as a sealant layer between nonwovens. Intended for uses where tensile and optical properties are not major considerations.
CP340 Slip modified premium grade of CPP designed for gel sensitive lamination applications. 
ACP375 A monolayer blend of CPP resins offering exceptional optics, a "softer" feel and enhanced heat sealing properties
MPP201 Premium grade, slip modified metallocene CPP designed for packaging applications where exceptional optics, stiffness, cleanliness and seal performance are required.
CP383X 3-layer coextruded, CPP with two slip modified random copolymer sealant skins. Surface treated on one side for printability and lamination.
ACP383X 3-layer coextruded CPP with two specialized, slip modified sealant layers. Excellent for high speed F/F/S packaging applications where either a back fin or lap seal is required.