Industrial Applications CPP Film

The end-use applications in this category are diverse. Some typical applications where CPP film properties offer exceptional performance are in hot-fill packaging for roofing materials, automotive interior components, tire retread processing, coated release films, to name just a few.

Copol International Ltd. offers a number of cast polypropylene film products that are used in non-packaging or industrial applications. Some conditions may apply so be sure to contact a COPOL representative for further information.

We recommend the following films for these applications:

CP301 General purpose, two side sealable, slip and anti-block modified CPP. 
CP301R CPP film designed as a sealant layer between nonwovens. Intended for uses where tensile and optical properties are not major considerations.
CP301PF CPP general performance perforated film in use in various industries, from bakery to industrial applications.
CP401 High clarity, low slip CPP for lamination and other applications requiring a no slip film
CP401R Similar to CP301R with the exception that it contains no slip, suited for industrial applications
HP201 General purpose high slip homopolymer film
HP205 High haze, slip modified homopolymer film used in industrial applicationsrequiring heat resistance.