Lidding CPP Film

Flexible and non-flexible (i.e. involving rigid sheeting and metals) lidding materials must meet a broad range of performance criteria. Processing conditions, sealing performance and integrity, product safety and security, product freshness and shelf life, ease of removal are but a few of the performance criteria lidding must meet. Cast polypropylene film offers technically viable solutions as the sealant component in a variety of multi-component lidding structures.

Copol International Ltd. offers cast polypropylene film products in both monolayer and multi-layer coextruded structures that are suitable for a variety of lidding applications. These CPP film sealant film materials provide for both lock seal and peelable lidding performance. CPP lidding films can be offered in optically clear, opaque and limited tinted versions. Some conditions may apply so be sure to contact a COPOL representative for further information.

The following are film recommended for lidding applications:

CP301 General purpose, two side sealable, slip and anti-block modified CPP. 
CP340 Slip modified premium grade of CPP designed for gel sensitive lamination applications.  
CP401 High clarity, low slip CPP for lamination and other applications requiring a no slip film
CP440 Premium grade of CPP for lamination and other applications requiring a no slip film.
ACP375 A monolayer blend of CPP resins offering exceptional optics, a "softer" feel and enhanced heat sealing properties
ACP475 No slip premium grade blend of CPP resins used in gel sensitive applications.