Medical Sterilization / Autoclave Products CPP Film

Safeguarding and sterilizing surgical and dental instruments is paramount for patient care and security. Cast polypropylene film is an ideal technical choice for both vented and non-vented packaging intended for autoclave sterilization chambers. Convenience of use combined with seal integrity and security in the rigourous autoclave environment help ensure that instruments are properly sterilized before use. 

Copol International Ltd. offers a number of CPP film products that are particularly suited to this critical application. Some conditions may apply so be sure to contact a COPOL representative for further information.

The following are film recommended for Medical Sterilization and autoclave applications:

HP140AB Homopolymer based, no slip, virgin resin, grade
CP440AB Premium grade of CPP for lamination and other applications requiring a no slip film.
ACP383XMT 3-layer coextruded CPP designed for vacuum metalizing and offering a slip modified, specialized sealant layer.