Peelable CPP films

The RP423BXP series of CPP films is a tough, 2-side sealable, 1-side peelable coextruded film with excellent heat resistance and low temperature impact strength to –10 degrees C. This CPP material is formulated with slip to promote downstream processing and is primarily intended as a sealant layer in laminations. Suitable for sealing to polypropylene trays and retort pouch applications including freezer-to-microwave.  

Our peelable film RP423BXP can be formulated to obtain a specific peel strength range. 

Typical seal curves are available by clicking Peel Curve to PP, Peel curve laminated to PET tray or Peel Curve to Film (itself).

For more information on our New Peelable film please contact a COPOL representative.