Retort Pouch CPP film

Consumer demand for ready to eat or partially cooked convenience food packaging is growing. In particular, retort pouch packaging is gaining wider acceptance by the North American consumer. The prepackaged food is cooked inside a retort or autoclave chamber at temperatures up to 250°F. A retort pouch is typically constructed using a flexible metal foil in combination with two or more types of plastic film materials. The sealant layer (and by mass the largest single component) is typically a cast polypropylene film. New advancements in CPP barrier film technologies offer the potential for simplifying the overall retort pouch design thereby generating processing efficiencies, postively contributing to source reduction initiatives, and lowering the overall package cost.

Copol International Ltd. offers a number of cast polypropylene film products that are well suited for retort pouch applications. Some conditions may apply so be sure to contact a COPOL representative for further information.

The following are film recommended for retort pouch applications:

RP423B Tough, high haze, "No Slip" retortable CPP offering sealability, heat resistance and low temperature impact performance.
RP423BX 3-layer coextruded CPP, tough, 2 side sealable, with excellent sealability, heat resistance, low temperature impact strength and contact clarity designed for retort and frozen food packaging applications.
CP340 Slip modified premium grade of CPP designed for gel sensitive lamination applications.  
CP440 Premium grade of CPP for lamination and other applications requiring a no slip film.