Tapes, Labels, and Release Liners CPP Film

For Cast Polypropylene based adhesive tape applications we recommend the following films:

HP140 Homopolymer based, no slip, virgin resin, grade primarily intended for tape applications.
HP201 General purpose high slip homopolymer film used in applications requiring heat resistance.
HP204 Slip modified homopolymer based CPP intended primarily for label transfer applications.. 





A new series of products specifically targeting in-mold labeling (IML) applications is being offered for the first time. These products offer excellent adhesion and dimensional stability under the most rigorous injection molding processing conditions.

Similarly we have release liner films which are tailored for each application. At Copol we work with you one on one to develop a film to meet your exact requirements.

These films are based on our RP423BX film with modified skin layers depending on the application.

Some conditions may apply so be sure to contact a COPOL representative for further information.