Lidding Applications - Peelable

Copol International Ltd. has many commercial Cast Polypropylene Film (CPP) products that have been successfully used in “lock-up” lidding applications.  These CPP lidding films include both monolayer and three-layer coex films that provide excellent seal integrity to insure product safety and product freshness for the consumer and superior processing for the packager.   The monolayer CPP films used in “lock-up” lidding applications include CP301, CP440, ACP375 and ACP475.  The coextruded Cast PP films used in “lock-up” lidding applications include CP383X and ACP383X.

Copol is now introducing a line of PEELABLE CPP lidding films.  These peelable lidding films are all approved for food contact and there is also a grade for peelable, retortable lidding applications.  These peelable cast polypropylene films are designed to have a consistent peel force, with the various products offering different levels of peel force performance.  For typical seal curves click Peel Curves to PP Tray, Peel curve laminated to PET or Peel Curves to film (itself).

The RP423BXP series of CPP films is a tough, 2-side sealable, 1-side peelable coextruded film with excellent heat resistance and low temperature impact strength to –10 degrees C. This CPP material is formulated with slip to promote downstream processing and is primarily intended as a sealant layer in laminations. Suitable for sealing to polypropylene trays and retort pouch applications including freezer-to-microwave.  For more information on our current CPP peelable lidding films RP423BXP please contact your COPOL representative